A Complete Auction Service Company for the 21st Century


Preview 9am, at W. Winfield, NY
NOTE TERMS: Cash, & NYS checks ONLY! 10% Buyers Premium. Tents, Porta John avail.. Food provided by the Mt. Markham girls Varsity field hockey team. Bring a chair.
We are pleased to be selling without reserve from the estate of Elma R. Clark from W. Winfield. Elma had lived here since the 40's. Good old house full of antiques. Expect surprises. Directions: Take Rt. 20 to the Village of W. Winfield. Look for signs. Info. 315-893-1883. Like Us on Facebook
FURNITURE: 2-painted two door cupboards, Victorian marble top stand, Marble top plant stand, Vict. framed hall mirror, 1 dr. stand, Unusal 4 drawer spoon carved desk/bookcase, Oak 1 dr. library table, Oak plant stands, 2 sets of six oak chairs, Sq. oak table w/8 leaves, Mission oak arm chair & bookshelf, Oak commode w/towel bar, Oak 2 door 2 drawer wardrobe, Tall oak bed, Serpentine oak highboy w/mirror, Oak lamp stand, Oak pedestal, Caned goose neck rocking chair, Plant stand w/claw feet, Oak commodes, Oak highchair, 2 dr. oak chest w/mirror, 4 dr. oak chest, Rocking chair, Minnesota sewing machine w/iron & oak base, Maple 3 dr. chest, Many nice trunks, Stenciled chair, Country arm chair, 4 pc. Mid M. Century bedroom set, Maple bed & stand, Chairs, Music cabinet, Bed, Smoking stand, Wardrobe, Hall trees, Tin cabinets, Oak sewing table.
mas_main_site0030207.jpg mas_main_site0030206.jpg mas_main_site0030205.jpg mas_main_site0030204.jpg mas_main_site0030203.jpg mas_main_site0030202.jpg mas_main_site0030201.jpg mas_main_site0030200.jpg mas_main_site0030199.jpg mas_main_site0030198.jpg mas_main_site0030197.jpg mas_main_site0030196.jpg mas_main_site0030195.jpg mas_main_site0030194.jpg mas_main_site0030193.jpg
ACCESSORIES: Room size rug, Oak Mission wall clock, Ansonia 8 day wall clock, N. Haven dresser clock, Leaf GWTW lamp, Floor lamps, Oil lamps, Pantry box, Brass pail & bells, Painted knife tray, Baskets, Flue cover, Iron pans (Griswold), Kitchenware, Burned wood deco. pcs., Coca Cola thermometer, Phenix Bouillon Cube store jar, Adv. tea crates, "No Liquor served" sign, Cream pails, Graniteware, Local Adv. yardsticks & misc., Records, Christmas deco..
mas_main_site0030192.jpg mas_main_site0030191.jpg mas_main_site0030190.jpg mas_main_site0030189.jpg mas_main_site0030188.jpg mas_main_site0030187.jpg mas_main_site0030186.jpg mas_main_site0030185.jpg mas_main_site0030184.jpg mas_main_site0030183.jpg mas_main_site0030182.jpg mas_main_site0030181.jpg mas_main_site0030180.jpg mas_main_site0030179.jpg mas_main_site0030178.jpg
STERLING: Fancy lg. double handle bowl, S. Kirk & Son tea strainer, Set of 10 Coin forks, Pair of candlesticks, Tea leaf ball, Salts w/spoons, Silverware. SILVER: Tea set, Set of Twilight silverware w/case.
mas_main_site0030177.jpg mas_main_site0030176.jpg mas_main_site0030175.jpg mas_main_site0030174.jpg
POTTERY/CHINA: Tall Van Briggle art pottery vase, Majolica planter, Weller art pottery Jardinere, Art pottery pitcher, Louise flow blue veg. & platter, Set of glit edge Bavaria china, Flow blue plates, 6 pc. pitcher & bowl set, Art pottery lamps, Cups & saucers, Hand ptd., Nest Autumn Leaf bowls, Stoneware crocks (30-12 gal.), Planters.
mas_main_site0030173.jpg mas_main_site0030172.jpg mas_main_site0030171.jpg mas_main_site0030170.jpg mas_main_site0030169.jpg mas_main_site0030168.jpg mas_main_site0030167.jpg mas_main_site0030166.jpg mas_main_site0030165.jpg mas_main_site0030164.jpg mas_main_site0030163.jpg mas_main_site0030162.jpg
LADIES: Jewelry (Rhinstone-Sterling-Gold), 14kt. ring w/diamond, Watches (14kt. Bulova wrist-Waltham-Whitney Pendant-Whitnaur- Pocket), Mesh purses, Hankies, Linens, Quilts, Buttons, Sewing, Bed spreads.
mas_main_site0030161.jpg mas_main_site0030160.jpg mas_main_site0030159.jpg mas_main_site0030158.jpg mas_main_site0030157.jpg mas_main_site0030156.jpg mas_main_site0030155.jpg mas_main_site0030154.jpg mas_main_site0030153.jpg mas_main_site0030152.jpg mas_main_site0030151.jpg mas_main_site0030150.jpg mas_main_site0030149.jpg mas_main_site0030148.jpg mas_main_site0030147.jpg mas_main_site0030146.jpg mas_main_site0030145.jpg mas_main_site0030144.jpg mas_main_site0030143.jpg
COINS: Silver $'s (1898 Morgan-1922 Peace), 1917 Series Lg. $1 bill, 2 cents (1864-65 & 67), 1851 & 1881 three cents, Seated Liberty 1840 1/2 dime & 1872 dime), 1864 Indian cent, Foreign coins.
GLASS: Canastota Diamond Poinsettia cut glass tall vase & bowl, Hawkes cut glass bowl, Berry set, Cut glass pcs., Depression, Carnival, Fostoria, Ruby, Fireking.
mas_main_site0030141.jpg mas_main_site0030140.jpg mas_main_site0030139.jpg mas_main_site0030138.jpg mas_main_site0030137.jpg
ARTWORK/PAPER: Convex framed portraits, Prints, Adv. Canada Dry Spur soda sign, Tin types, Photo album & photos (Bicycles- Horses), Bridgewater art club booklets, 1930's Yearbooks & photos (Bridgewater), Adv. paper & calendars, Books, Sheet music.
mas_main_site0030136.jpg mas_main_site0030135.jpg mas_main_site0030134.jpg mas_main_site0030133.jpg mas_main_site0030132.jpg mas_main_site0030131.jpg mas_main_site0030130.jpg mas_main_site0030129.jpg mas_main_site0030128.jpg
CHILDRENS: Lehmann "Alabama Coon Jigger" black mem. German dancing toy w/orig. box & directions, Clarinet w/case, Little Daisy pop gun, Paper Mache rabbits, Toy tin fire truck engine, Key wind toys (Rabbit w/camera-Romping Puppy w/box-Duck), Adam Motor toy grader, Lead figures, Childs carpet rocker, Clay marbles, Dominoes, Wicker baby carriage, Doll fainting sofa, Hopalong flatware set, Early Ouija board, Small toys, Games (Fishing).
mas_main_site0030127.jpg mas_main_site0030126.jpg mas_main_site0030125.jpg mas_main_site0030124.jpg mas_main_site0030123.jpg mas_main_site0030122.jpg mas_main_site0030121.jpg mas_main_site0030120.jpg mas_main_site0030119.jpg mas_main_site0030118.jpg mas_main_site0030117.jpg
HOUSEHOLD: Recliner, Uph. chairs, Yamaha keyboard, Panasonic stereo, Kitchenware, Cookbooks, Pots & pans (Revereware), Singer sewing machine w/cabinet, Bissell steam cleaner, Corning.
GARAGE/MENS: Toro push mower, MTD chipper, Snow blowers (Ariens 1128 pro.-John Deere 524), Sm. rototiller, Early Masonic apron & papers, Jack knives (some adv.), Fishing lures & mustard ptd. box, Frog spears, Ford Model T instruction booklets, Starrett Tool book, Ptd. patio rocker, Iron anvil, Hops bars, Saws, Tools, Hand tools, Shop vac., Haveaheart trap, Garden cart, Werner step ladders.
mas_main_site0030115.jpg mas_main_site0030114.jpg mas_main_site0030113.jpg mas_main_site0030112.jpg mas_main_site0030111.jpg mas_main_site0030110.jpg mas_main_site0030109.jpg mas_main_site0030108.jpg mas_main_site0030107.jpg mas_main_site0030106.jpg mas_main_site0030105.jpg mas_main_site0030104.jpg mas_main_site0030103.jpg mas_main_site0030102.jpg mas_main_site0030101.jpg mas_main_site0030100.jpg mas_main_site003099.jpg mas_main_site003098.jpg mas_main_site003097.jpg mas_main_site003096.jpg mas_main_site003095.jpg mas_main_site003094.jpg mas_main_site003093.jpg mas_main_site003092.jpg mas_main_site003091.jpg mas_main_site003090.jpg mas_main_site003089.jpg mas_main_site003088.jpg mas_main_site003087.jpg mas_main_site003086.jpg mas_main_site003085.jpg mas_main_site003084.jpg mas_main_site003083.jpg mas_main_site003082.jpg mas_main_site003081.jpg mas_main_site003080.jpg mas_main_site003079.jpg mas_main_site003078.jpg mas_main_site003077.jpg mas_main_site003076.jpg mas_main_site003075.jpg mas_main_site003074.jpg mas_main_site003073.jpg mas_main_site003072.jpg mas_main_site003071.jpg mas_main_site003070.jpg mas_main_site003069.jpg mas_main_site003068.jpg mas_main_site003067.jpg mas_main_site003066.jpg mas_main_site003065.jpg mas_main_site003064.jpg mas_main_site003063.jpg mas_main_site003062.jpg mas_main_site003061.jpg mas_main_site003060.jpg mas_main_site003059.jpg mas_main_site003058.jpg mas_main_site003057.jpg mas_main_site003056.jpg mas_main_site003055.jpg mas_main_site003054.jpg mas_main_site003053.jpg mas_main_site003052.jpg mas_main_site003051.jpg mas_main_site003050.jpg mas_main_site003049.jpg mas_main_site003048.jpg mas_main_site003047.jpg mas_main_site003046.jpg mas_main_site003045.jpg mas_main_site003044.jpg mas_main_site003043.jpg mas_main_site003042.jpg mas_main_site003041.jpg mas_main_site003040.jpg mas_main_site003039.jpg mas_main_site003038.jpg mas_main_site003037.jpg mas_main_site003036.jpg mas_main_site003035.jpg mas_main_site003034.jpg mas_main_site003033.jpg mas_main_site003032.jpg mas_main_site003031.jpg mas_main_site003030.jpg mas_main_site003029.jpg mas_main_site003028.jpg mas_main_site003027.jpg mas_main_site003026.jpg mas_main_site003025.jpg mas_main_site003024.jpg mas_main_site003023.jpg mas_main_site003022.jpg mas_main_site003021.jpg mas_main_site003020.jpg mas_main_site003019.jpg mas_main_site003018.jpg mas_main_site003017.jpg mas_main_site003016.jpg mas_main_site003015.jpg mas_main_site003014.jpg mas_main_site003013.jpg mas_main_site003012.jpg mas_main_site003011.jpg mas_main_site003010.jpg mas_main_site003009.jpg mas_main_site003008.jpg mas_main_site003007.jpg mas_main_site003006.jpg mas_main_site003005.jpg mas_main_site003004.jpg mas_main_site003003.jpg mas_main_site003002.jpg mas_main_site003001.jpg